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Fables of Fenorra: Shadow of Maliask

The world of Fenorra. A largely ungoverned world full of strange creatures and wild magic. From the wild jungles of Vitrani, to the wonderful, magical city of Levendil, to the small peaceful homesteads that pepper Terbecia you'll find all ways of life survive here in Fenorra. But for many years dark clouds have cast a constant darkness on the northern continent of Kalentan. From there the Dark Lord Maliask controls his undead hordes and subjugates all the lands he can lay his hands on. And now his darkness is spreading. Attacks on the remaining free lands have put people on edge and some believe there is little Fenorra can do to fight back. But there are always those who will stand against the darkness, those who won't ever back down from a fight, those who would never hesitate to help another in need. Fenorra now turns to these people, be they warrior or not, to stand fast and hold the line against the ever encroaching cloud that threatens to cover Fenorra in an everlasting night.

This is a "closed" campaign.  Meaning that characters in this game may not transfer in or out.  This game takes place in the world of Fenorra, and all characters and items within the game are limited to this campaign only.  A variant game is still run using the basic NERO®

rules but has additional or different races, worlds, magic etc.

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