A NERO® membership is required to participate in a NERO® Boston event:


Epic Adventure Guild: Being a member of the Epic Adventure Guild gets a member access to event discounts on full AND one day events, as well as retail discounts as they become available.  Along with the discount a long paid plot submission is included to be used when the player desires (between event use).  An Epic Adventure Guild membership is not required to attend NERO® Boston games.  To be a guild member the cost is $30 and it expires one year from the purchase date.

This membership does NOT include a NERO® membership, that must be purchased separately and is required to attend any NERO®

Epic Adventure Guild discounts can only be applied to the Guild member's event cost.  If an event is being purchased by an Epic Guild member for a non-Epic Guild member no discount from this membership will apply.

New Player Pack:  A new player pack is available for those new to NERO®.  A new player pack includes a 1-year NERO® membership ($15 value) and attendance as a PC at a NERO® Boston event ($85 value).  The cost of a new player pack is $50 ($100 total value).  Once you have created your character, you will receive a user ID and password for the  NERO® LARP on-line database so that you can access your account and maintain your Tyrran character's skills. Fables of Fenorra characters are not housed in the NERO® online database and can be accessed through the campaign logistics representative.


Membership Renewal:  A membership renewal provides a 1-year NERO® membership and continued access to the NERO® Larp online database.  The cost of a membership renewal is $15.