Duchy of Volta


This campaign takes place in the Duchy of Volta, a harsh and wild land filled with danger, magic and intrigue. The best way to describe Volta is: “Northern Europe at the end of the Dark Ages and early Middle Ages”. A wealth of opportunities exist for players in Volta, become a cunning merchant, a virtuous noble, a powerful mage, a compassionate healer, a skillful rogue, or a mercenary freebooter, the choice is yours!


The people of Volta are strong willed, rugged individuals who are descended from the northern barbarians. They share many of the same tastes and prejudices, without that nasty disagreement with celestial magic. They are much less hostile to other viewpoints and ideas, and are generally very friendly unless crossed or cheated.


Voltans as a whole love games of chance and of skill and will bet on most almost anything. It is not uncommon in a Tavern to see a board with public wagers and odds on everything from when the first snow will fall to if the next merchant caravan will make it to town unharmed.

Once, the Baron of Anym saw a wager that he would not make it from his holdings to the capital city without needing a life spell. The Baron laughed out loud and called out “I’ll take that bet!” and he is said to have won quite the tidy sum.


In most taverns in Volta you will see laughing men and women engaged in arm wrestling, drinking contests, board games of all manners, as well as card games. If you buy a local a pint he or she might tell you rumors and news from the area.


Voltans believe death will come for them when it is their time, and not one second before. No Voltan would throw their life away stupidly, but to die in battle is an honor. When a Voltan dies his or her final death, it is not uncommon for a party to be thrown in their honor. Those in attendance share their stories about the departed and toast to their memory. The giving of an oath is a very serious matter to a Voltan. To break one is a grave wrongdoing to commit. If a Voltan takes an oath, they will not break it under any circumstances, even under threat of death. Call a Voltan an oath breaker without being able to back it up with proof and you are very likely to come to a bad end. As friendly and lighthearted as your average Voltan is, they have no sense of humor on the matter of Oaths.

When set a task, expect the typical Voltan to perform to the best of his or her abilities, delving into the task with the utmost passion until it is completed. Voltans may love their recreation, but they also never shy away from hard work. Volta is filled with skill craftsmen and craftswomen of all types. Volta excels at the manufacture of three things; Weapons, Armor and Ale! All are known throughout the kingdom for their strength. Many a non-Voltan has been known to make the mistake of engaging in a drinking contest with a Voltan, only to find themselves waking up the next day on the Tavern floor.


All manner of swords, axes and spears are forged and put to use all over Volta with many more being shipped to merchants all over Evendarr. Many a farmer in Volta has a sword in his home and armor next to it. It is easier to find a goblin fluent in the Elven tongue than it is to find a man or woman of age in Volta with no training in the arts of war.


Although they tend to remain politically neutral in regards to their dealings with other duchies, you will find that the average Voltan has a great distrust and dislike for their neighbors in the Dutchy of Niman.


One final thing:  Never, never make fun of the name of the Voltan Capital City - "Unity".