Anti Assault and Harassment Policy

For purposes of this policy:
Out of game (OOG)
In game (IG)
Epic Adventures LLC (EA)

Epic Adventures LLC is committed to providing a harassment-free larp experience for everyone.  We do not tolerate harassment of players, NPCs or staff in any way. People violating these rules may be issued a warning or expelled from the event (without a refund) at the discretion of EA ownership.

We understand that in a larp system, there will always be conflict and threats in character, and this policy is not meant to disallow these, but to set some guidelines so that people feel safe to roleplay these situations, and make sure that there is no in game/out of game cross-over.

We also understand that people may unknowingly do things that can come under the umbrella of harassment or threatening behavior, especially when in character tense or threatening situations arise. We consider that all of our players want to avoid this, and this policy is more about giving people who may feel uncomfortable the tools and space to bring this up, so that the behavior can be stopped.

Harassment includes:
- OOG abusive name calling and comments
- OOG threatening behavior – this can also be behavior that you mean to be IG, but that people find threatening OOG. You may not realize this at the time, but you should pay attention to the person you are interacting with and respond immediately to any requests to stop or move away, or notes you are given after the event.
- Stalking
- Unwanted physical contact - no physical contact is ok without clear prior OOG consent.
- Taking photos or filming people after they have asked you to stop
- Unwelcome sexual attention – this can also be IG unwelcome attention.
--And any other act or behavior that EA determines to be in violation of this policy.

If someone asks you to stop what you are doing, you must comply immediately, even if you feel you are not harassing them.

If you are feeling harassed you may try to work it out with the involved parties. However if you feel uncomfortable doing so or have already tried doing so to no effect, please find a member if EA ownership so that the situation can be addressed.

EA Ownership will help participants contact site security or local police if needed, provide escorts, or otherwise assist those experiencing harassment to feel safe for the duration of the event.

People asked to stop any harassing behavior are expected to comply immediately. If someone continues demonstrating harassing behavior after having been issued a warning by EA ownership they will be expelled from the event immediately without any compensation. People can also be expelled without warning for serious incidents of harassment (for example physical violence, bullying or continuing sexual advances towards someone where it is clearly unwanted).

Anyone attending events should have read and agreed to abide by all Epic Adventures LLC policies.

This policy is applicable to EA sponsored events and EA monitored social media.

This policy is subject to change without notice.

If you do not wish to report an incident in person please email epicadvmgmt@gmail.com.