Current Discounts and Promotions

2018 Fables of Fenorra® Campaign Event Bundle: 

This season registration includes 4 full events.

-1 bonus character blanket per event (applied week prior to event)
-1 Spirit Linked item "Vaulmorian Shield" (1x day: magic armor, shield magic, bless, shield, elemental shield)
-1 spirit linked 5 effect rendered indestructible 1 year item of choice.

-The ability to spend an extra 50 goblin points per event on basic production items (normal limit is 100 goblin points per event)
-10 bonus production points to be used on any basic production items

-Free event max out

**If an additional one day event is added to the 2018 schedule anyone who has purchased the season reg may pay for the one day event at normal price ($50). All benefits will then also be applied to the one day event, bonus production points halved at 5 to spend. 

Bring a Friend to Fables Promotion:  Bring a new player to Fables and get a $10 discount after they have paid for and attended their first regular priced event.  Make sure the new player lists you as having referred them so you will receive the discount on your next event registration.  This discount can be applied multiple times to the same event registration so if you refer enough new players you could earn a free event!


Student Discount:  If you are an enrolled student at a college and show us your college ID you will receive a $5 discount off full weekend one day event PC pre-registration. We reserve the right to re-check your student status periodically. 


Military/EMT Discount:  If you are on active or reserve duty with the armed forces, or emergency services you will receive a $5 discount off full and one day event PC pre-registration. We reserve the right to re-check your military/EMT status periodically. This discount is not able to be stacked with the student discount.  If you are active armed forces and emergency services this discount does not double.