Legendary People


Bertrum Tomington

Merchant extraordinaire! Caravan Master for the Fineries Trading Company, well known all around Fenorra for his fine wares, prices and ability to find almost anything if the price can be paid. With countless people in his employ Bertrum has managed to monopolize the trading routes in the parts of Fenorra free of Maliask’s rule. Also in his employ are smiths and potion makers, scroll writers and crafters of many types of finery. Merchants of the Fineries Trading Company wear belt sashes of green and white and continuously work their trade routes to provide for the people of Fenorra.


Captain Christoff “Sea Wolf”

Sebestyen Once a captain of a mighty fleet; his home land was destroyed. He and his crew waged a war of revenge against anyone loyal to Maliask. After many years of fighting, Christoff was finally captured and his men executed. No one really knows if Christoff died that day. His men were fiercely loyal and any one of them would have died in his place.

Empress Adalyssa and Emperor Evlonien

High Empress and Emperor of the Elven people; rulers of Levendil deep within the great forest of Etherais. Believed to come from a long line of “pure ones” Elves that have not been outside the protective canopy of the forest and have for their lives been protectors of the wood. Elves of this line are part of the forest itself, sharing in its power and grace. Not much is known about them individually however.


General Malichai

Was one of the better known Generals of Maliask’s army, General Malichai headed up the Northern siege of the lands of Vitrani. The invasion successful he resided there in the capital city Kitain populated by human serfs and a large amount of undead militia. During his invasion of the Elven city Levendil he was slain by their resistance.


High General Penelope Schuler

Do not let her sweet name fool you. Penelope is a Greater Banshee who has been around for many years. Stories tell of a time when Maliask’s forces came marching through an area her spirit form had already claimed for her own. At this point it is said that she stood up to the marching armies and laid waste to the living portion of the forces and much of the undead. It is unknown how from that point she became one of Maliask’s most prized generals. She works closely with Warlord Raehton Braughnon as high commander of the great armies of Maliask.


The Hunters

A secret society dedicated to wiping out all vampyres on the face of Fenorra. No one is sure when this group was formed or how. Its members rarely reveal themselves to outsiders to protect themselves from being hunted by vampyres. The only proof of their existence is the mark they leave behind in the nests of vampyres they kill. A balanced scale drawn in the ashes of the destroyed vampyres. No one knows what this symbol means but some believe it represents the evening of the score between vampyres and the world they enslave.


Lady of the Wood

Legends speak of an old Dryad wandering the forests of Fenorra searching for beings in need. While she isn’t as flighty as her younger counterparts, she is never found in the same grove for more than a few days at a time. Her kindly nature and immense healing skills make her a friend to all who come in contact with her.



The Dark Lord of Fenorra himself, Maliask has been a plague on the land for as long as anyone can remember. Believed to be the progenitor of all vampyres little is actually known about him. If the rumors and legends are to be believed however, he is an immortal incarnation of evil and his limitless power knows no boundaries. Though no one has tested these theories and survived many still hold hope that his reign of terror will someday end. Pockets of resistance still stand against the ever encroaching armies of Maliask risking all for their way of life. His strongholds multiply steadily however, even in the face of this resistance, leaving the once free people of the lands slaves to their new Vampyre lords.


Mountain Dwarves

Rumored to be stone and steel smiths of legendary quality these grey skinned cousins of the Valley Dwarves live deep within the mountains of Fenorra. Long ago this reclusive race withdrew into the mountains and has not been seen since. The only evidence of their existence are the masterfully crafted items created long ago that can still be found to this day.

The Rangers

Known simply as The Rangers; a group of dedicated voluntary Militia operating out of Glenid specializing in combat training. This group also has been known to supply support and goods to people in need. And as of late organizing ambushes against the military movements of Maliask. These Rangers are well known as being good samaritans to the free people of Glenid, Treedale and the surrounding settlements but lending aid to protecting trade routes.


Tobias Wellesly

The Laughing Loon was known across Fenorra as the place to be and its owner Tobias Wellesly could go down in history with the greats. After he left the business behind him, there were many imitators, but nobody could find his secret. Stories have circulated about The Brewer roaming the lands teaching people about his success.



Legends speak of creatures known as unicorns. It isbelieved that there is one at all times that represents each aspect of Fenorra itself. The unicorns embody their aspect and carry it throughout their days. It is said they are shapeshifters, able to appear as any form they wish, though usually they stay in their natural form. Though tales speak of when they take a humanoid a small gem shines from their forehead. Nothing is known of where they come from and no one has claimed to have seen one in ages.


Warlord Raehton Braughnon

Previously a general of human armies when Maliask first started his conquest to rule Fenorra ages ago. Raehton and his forces were extremely successful in fighting off Maliasks army for a time, however the power of the undead proved to be too much for the humans. They fell, and it is said Raehton himself was brought to Maliask and was given an offer of immortality and power, which he accepted. Now a Lich of immense power he is the voice that controls all of Maliask’s vast armies.


Wave Dancer

A female Naiad who is known among her people for being one with the ocean to such a degree that she shares in its strength and knowledge. A Naiad of what seems like eternal youth she is ever inquisitive and full of a sense of adventure. She does not speak of herself to outsiders so not much is known about her other than she travels away from her native land often.


White Hand

A group of mercenary undead. They have been in operation for ages, how long exactly is unknown. For the right price they will do almost any job. In their ranks include spectres, ghouls, revenants, skeletons and many others all of extreme power. Who leads them is unknown as is how large their numbers. They are very rarely seen by anyone not in their contract and most of the people of Fenorra are content with that.


Legendary Places 



Dew Drop Inn

The Dew Drop Inn of Treedale is run by the prolific Keckilpenny family. No one is quite sure how many of them there are, as new family members seem to appear out of nowhere every few weeks. The Inn is more than a local watering hole as it also provides a place for weary travelers to spend the night. The locals and the Keckilpenny family make this tavern a lively place where there is hardly ever a dull night.


This is the capital city of the Elves located on Etherais. Its exact location is unknown to any not welcome, the magic of the elves, in particular the Emperor and Empress keep it hidden from any not welcome. Rumor has it the city is of the greatest beauty. With lush trees and clean springs. The wildlife lives among the Elven kind in harmony, welcome though the glamour upon the city. This is a place where many elves are sent as young students to learn the arts of Magic to be taught by the high formalists and Manipulators of the Elven people.



Shrouded by perpetual night Noctile is the Capital city of Kalentan the most northern continent in Fenorra. From this dark land Maliask plots his conquest of Fenorra and guides his undead generals. The lucky few who have escaped from this terrible place describe it as a desolate land where merciless vampyres lord over there human slaves without the threat of sunlight to hinder their movements.


Sorrows Canyon

At the furthest point North east there is a portion of land separated from other civilizations by thick crumbling mountains known as the Shattered Peaks and on the other sides by the Sea of Harmony. In this place the wind seems to silence and the air becomes stale. Any plant life that still remains is colorless and dry, limp with fatigue. At the center of this land is a place that is utterly void of life and a large crack in the land which none can see the bottom. Those who go to this place feel a deep sorrow and emptiness in their spirits. The silence of this place is deafening and unsettling.

The Spire

Little is known of this strange piece of land. It appears to be manmade and carved inside as a tunnel, perhaps once a settlement of ancient humans. Those who have ventured inside the great crumbling tower have reported of a strange feeling and pockets of extremely cold air including a considerable amount of roaming undead. And in the distance of the upper halls something that sounds almost like screaming can be heard



Located on the largest tributary in all of Fenorra on the central continent Terbicia. This city is the central port of all merchanting and one of the oldest known settlements in the world. Filled with rumor and legend the history of this city has been lost and rewritten so many times it remains a mystery in this

day. The bustling streets of Treedale are known worldwide for their prosperous potential.


Vitrani Plains

The Plains of Vitrani cover most of the continent of the same name. Sprawling grasslands teem with life, insects, birds and small mammals. These plains are also the home of several species of large cats.

Roaming the plains, they are at the top of the food chain. Their strength and speed are mimicked with the local lycanthrope tribes, who revere these giantbeasts, sometimes even taming some of them. But most notable about the plains are the Dremair and their mines. Hidden from all, the mines produce the strongest and most valuable Crystomancy stones. Only a select few of the Dremair even know where the mines are, and no outsiders have ever found them.


Whispering Peaks

Located on Gronacia these mountain peaks are almost impossible to navigate. Not only are they of extreme elevation but the weather surrounding this area is extremely erratic. On the very farthest northern peak is a volcano that is continuously spitting fire and ash but never fully erupts. The populated portion of the continent is protected from this fiery beast if it ever does erupt by the other mountains in the range. This mountain range is called Whispering Peaks because of the furious winds that blow through this area.