Fenorra Trembles (Teaser 6)

The earth shook and broke for almost 10 generations, tearing forests into pieces and turning rivers into oceans.  What were once plains turned into mountain ranges or swamps, lands from the bottom of the sea rose into the air.  In time the land calmed, the tides receded and with it the Dark Lord would rise again.


With the land movements slowed once again Maliask set his forces out into Fenorra to claim what he believed to be rightfully his.  His movements were slow and calculated, meeting force at each beach docked and each mountain range climbed.  Villages and towns of all types of people joined forces against the evil that was spreading through their lands.


First was the northern land of Oceiopia which is mostly uninhabited.  A base was established there built into the Shattered Peaks.  Once established his forces swarmed over the mountain range and met organized resistance on the other side.  The people of the southern portion of the continent fought bravely but eventually fell to the invading forces.  Any humans found were enslaved; some were put on boats to be brought back to Noctile.  Others brought back to the base in Sorrows Canyon.  Others in the newly claimed lands were subjected to new laws and taxes.  Stationed in each town was a small army of Maliasks forces, along with a general to act as his Jarl.


After claiming his foothold over the eastern continent Maliask’s next step was to claim the continent of Etherais just south of Kalentan.  Starting in the north his forces swept south, any who resisted were eradicated or were captured.  Any in custody who were not human were given one chance to agree to live under the Dark Lord, if they denied they were put to death.  Maliasks forces were unable to penetrate the Levendil forest at the south of the continent; to this day it remains untouched.


Slowly the dark Lord’s influence stretched over Fenorra.  Next, almost 3 generations after the claiming of Oceiopia he continued with the overthrowing of Vitrani. The Crystomancers fought his forces off for quite some time but eventually they too fell to his army.  The many tribes of Dremair soon found themselves having to live amongst undead and serfs.  A capital city was built over the next many years now called Kitain this being where General Malichai resides.


Nearly a generation later Maliask’s forces set foot on Gronacia, there they were met with the barbaric Saurians which live in mass over the northern portion of the continent.  With them may of other races joined forces in an attempt to push back the armies.  The united Fenorrian people fought valiantly and for many years the battle raged.  Eventually Gronacia fell when the capital city of Serpantis was taken, it was at that time the Gronacian people surrendered to spare anymore bloodshed and the lives of their children; a victory none-the-less for the Dark Lord.


Any human found within lands claimed by Maliask were taken as slaves.  Their blood being the preferred drink of Vampyres they began to be bred in dungeons and holds throughout his controlled lands.  The ones that were not locked up and were forced to work fields and support the settlements quickly learned that escape was futile, punishable by permanent death, their will broken.  Soon the humans in those conditions became known as serfs; living out their days at the beckoning wish of any Vampyre in the controlled lands.


Having his grasp around more than half the land masses of Fenorra Maliask’s rule was and is felt worldwide.  Cities and towns under his control are inhabitable however there is a distinct difference from them to a free domain.  The city streets are filled with serfs during the day, manning shops, inns and blacksmiths.  The laws are extremely strict and unforgiving; often sentences are carried out quickly and without trial.  During the evening hours the serfs and others who have taken up residence in these lands retire to their homes keeping away from the undead that emerge and roam the streets.  Executions are usually carried out during this time and any serfs required for draining are collected willing but reluctantly from their homes.


Within a couple decades of the Dark Lords victory over Gronacia word spread of his next move, an attack on the central continent of Terbicia.  His forces attacked from the West using his new foot hold on Gronacia as a base.  The forces did not have luck penetrating past the coast however.  Keeping a presence on the western coast another force attacked from the East departing from Oceiopia.  Unable to launch an attack from the shores of Etherais because the forest had still not been taken at that time the Dark Lord’s armies attempted a northern attack from the coast of Vitrani.  This as the other attempts was unsuccessful.


Uncertain of the reason his forces could not penetrate past the coastline of Terbicia Maliask pulled his forces back to small squad attacks.  These groups of soldiers had no luck either; many of them not returning.


In current days his eye still on Terbicia whispers and rumors have spread of a new attack to be launched on Fatrais.  No moves have been made by the armies at this time.