Grannys Story (Teaser 4)

“Granny, will you tell us a story?” A young boy comes around the corner into the warm hearth room.  An old woman sits in rocking chair knitting and pauses to smile at the little child who sits down next to the fire.  A slightly younger girl gripping a ratty blanket comes around the same corner and sits down next to the boy.


“Tell the one about the dragon granny” demands the boy.


“Yeah the Dwagon” repeats the girl.  “pwease?”


The old woman chuckles “alright alright” she puts her knitting into a basket on the floor and pats her lap looking at the girl.  She hops to her feet, her hair wild as she bounces up onto her grandmother’s lap.  The old woman covers her with her blanket and attempts to brush her hair back with her fingers.


“Are you sure that’s the story you want to hear” she asks in her aged voice, “it’s a scary one.”


“uh huh” says the boy.


“uh huh” repeats the girl.


“Alright then, do you remember the story of how Noctus came to be?  When the darkness was cast over the sky?


“Yes” both of the children respond.


“Alright, well this story picks up where that one left off.”  The woman brushes a strand of sparkling grey and green hair behind her ear.  “King Tardish was an old man, so old that he was in bed every day of his life.  His son Prince Adain was ruling Kalentenia but he had been turned in a vampyre by the mage Malik.”


The little girl gasps at the word vampyre and grips her blanket tight.  Granny wraps a comforting arm around the little girl.


“Shortly after the darkness was cast by Malik the King died from his age, leaving the Prince to become King.  Malik having complete control over Adain was able to rule the Kingdom as he see fit.  Undead walked the lands at all hours because of the eternal night and the people of the city bent to the will of their new King.”


“Generations passed and Malik had waged war on the other cities of Fenorra.  Imprisoning all those who were deemed not fit to serve in his dark army. This terrible army included the likes of undead, vampyres and humans.  Any who opposed his forces fell, and soon more than half of Fenorra was within his grasp.”


“People began to whisper about who the mage truly was.  Many believed he was the legendary vampyre Maliask.  Though none could confirm if this was true, rumors began to spread across the land.”


“The remaining free people of Fenorra banded together and organized a grand onslaught against Malik and his Vampyre prince at their city gates.  And with that the grandest army that had ever been mustered marched across the great plains and Denaria forest, crossed rivers and mountains and arrived at Kalentenia sword ablaze.”


“I would have slain all of the undead” the boy yelled jumping up from where he sat. Grabbing a small wooden sword off the wall, the boy begins to swing wildly at imaginary foes.  “Clang, clink, bash!”


Granny chuckles at the boy petting the little girl’s hair.  “Do you want to hear the rest of the story or not?”


The boy says “yes” putting the wooden sword back where he found it and quickly sits back down on the floor.


“Where was I?” granny asks herself, brushing the same clump of green and grey hair behind her ear again.  “Ah yes, the army of all armies had arrived at Kalentenia, it could be seen in the distance under a blanket of night in the sunrise.  The army marched on until their blades met their enemies.”


“They fought bravely, many fell at the hands of the enemy, and no matter how vast their numbers the enemy forces didn’t need to rest, the undead and Vampyres kept coming at them.  There was no retreating, there was no way out, either be killed or become slaves.”


“Weeks went by; the forces of Fenorra fought their way into the eternal night it was at that point the Prince of Kalentenia was slain.  His body fell to dust and was trampled by the ongoing battle; a small victory among devastation.”


The old woman looks down at the children, the boy sits with his chin cupped in his hands eagerly waiting for more; the little girl’s eyes are wide with excitement, unblinking.  Granny adjusts the fire with a metal poker and clears her throat to continue.


“With the defeat of his Prince Malik himself was said to have emerged from the castle, standing high up on the tallest tower.  Wearing long robes of black his fingers said to be bloody he yelled strange words into the night air, more undead rising from the ground in response.  Malik was seen thrusting his hands into the air and yelling causing many of the men to fall, their blood being pulled from their bodies.”


“The undead seemed unending the bodies and spirits of the battling men were damaged, about to give up hope when a thunderous sound echoed over the rolling plains.  The sound came again, this time louder and coming from the south.  Those who could look watched in the distance to see a dark vast figure appear in the air.  It was black as the darkest night, and drew closer.  The thunderous sound came again, the roar screeched and bellowed over the plains, piercing the ears of any living.”


“The massive wing span of the legendary black dragon flew into the ever night, its scales reflecting the light of the flames below.  Its immense body quickly flew over head, the wind from its wings knocking grown men from their feet.  With a bellowing roar the dragon let loose a fire upon the evil army so hot it burned white, destroying all it touched.”


“The men of the Fenorrian army both scared and stunned cheered for their savior.  Only stories of such a creature have ever been heard, and in all its beauty and fierceness it had saved them from death.  Finishing off the few undead that were left they were able to begin healing and recovering their men.”


“The dragon flew on, Malik screamed into the night air in anger of what has been done.  The dragon hovered above the evil mage and said “this is not your world to take Maliask” and with that grabbed the mage in one of its mighty claws.  The dragon carried him into the sky, it is said Maliask laughed as the dragon carried him up to the clouds.”


“YAY!!!” the little girl cheers for the dragon.


“Beginning to fly east the dragon’s silhouette could be seen in the dusky sky when suddenly a sharp roar was heard, sounding different that the previous ones upon its arrival.  Again the sharp roar bellowed through the sky and the dragon could be seen bucking in the air.  Dropping Maliask the dragon flew further east, falling from the sky as it did.  As he flew those with a good eye could see that its scales were shedding and it struggled to stay in the air.”


“Not moments later the dragon let out a roar like none had ever heard, the ground shook and the wind blew even the sky seemed to twist around its body, the sound was deafening and ended with a shriek that momentarily crippled all within its sound.  And with that the dragon’s body went limp and fell into the darkness.”


Tears begin to well up in the little girl’s eyes.


“Oh don’t cry my dear; the dragon gave himself to save the people of Fenorra.  It was his choice; he gave us all a chance to survive.  You know, it is said that the dragon crashed with such a force that it broke the earth open.”


The boy jumps up and grabs the little girl’s blanket, and tosses it over his shoulder stretching it out like a cape.  He begins to run around the room and flap his arms like wings.  “If I was a dragon I would have bit Maliask into pieces.  RAWR”


The girl climbs down joining her brother.  “Yeah, and I would have smooshed him” she says stomping on the floor. “RAWR”


Granny chuckles lightly “Alright now, it’s past your bedtime.  Off with you” standing up to usher them out of the room.  The children turn the corner to head to their rooms, taking a deep breath the old woman looks out the window into the night sky, and wipes a tear from her eye.