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Please only select a discounted event price if you are sure that you qualify for the discount.  If you choose a discounted event price and do not meet the discount requirements you will have to pay the difference at door.  Contact epicadvmgmt@gmail.com if you have questions regarding eligibility for discounts.

*Week of event fee of $5 applies if not pre-registered at least 1 week before the event date. Excludes 1 Day registrations

Fables of Fenorra® Events

April 12-14 2019

Eagle Pass Camp

Regular event price $90
EMT/Student/Military event price $85

One Day event price $50

May 31- June 2 2019

Eagle Pass Camp

Regular event price $90
EMT/Student/Military event price $85
One Day event price $50

$60    New Player Pack -For first time Fables of Fenorra players.