The Legends (Teaser 5)

Excerpt from the book of Fenorrian Legends


…. And so it was told, the Dark Lord’s grasp brought the Great Dragon to its end of days.  The army of Kalentenia momentarily destroyed the armies of man returned home to their villages and cities, the battle of ages over with no victor.


Before too long the earth itself shook with a great violence.  All over Fenorra the land ripped itself apart, mountains forming and falling, fire spewing from the earth, oceans flooding the land.  Cartographers mapping the land changes, what was once one piece of land had broken apart at an amazing speed.  


As the land changed so did the people.  Those with an affinity with the sea began to grow scales, hunters sprouted horns or leaves.  Trees began to awaken and the savannah barbarians became lizard like.  The changes were slow at first, patches of changing skin or ears.  Then the next generation had more of the changes.  In just a few generations not only humans walked the lands. The fishermen now better in the water, the Manipulators more in tune with the elements and the forest tribes now one with their woods.


For hundreds of years the land shook and cracked, the people changed and moved around, keeping clear of the massive fissures in the ground.


The years of land movement slowed the progression of Maliasks control, at many times the people of Fenorra were able to fend off his armies reclaiming what was rightfully theirs.  The armies finally pushed back to Kalentenia, the people of Fenorra were momentarily free of the darkness….