The Order of the Silver Bear

Founded over seventy years ago by Argent Bearslayer, the first Duke of Volta, the Knightly Order of the Companions of the Silver Bear is the most respected Order of Knighthood in Volta.  Becoming a member of the Order of the Silver Bear is the highest honor that all Voltan citizens aspire to achieve.  New members are carefully chosen and must be both fearless and irreproachable.  The headquarters of this noble Order is The Two Bears tavern in Unity.   The Duke of Volta is the Grand Master of the Order.  Each of the Knights of this Order is authorized to dispense both high and low justice in the name of the Duke within the borders of Volta. Members of the Order often assume the role of ambassador to foreign kingdoms and other Duchies within Evendarr.  Within the borders of Volta, an attack on one of these Knights is tantamount to an attack on the Duke himself.  The symbol of the Order is a medallion in the shape of a silver bear.  Dame Alyx Attleborough, who died in 607 ER, was the last living founding member of the Order.



Knights of the Silver Bear


Alric Earthbound

Shoshoto Eastwyck (deceased)

Gerrick Mardigan (missing)

Martimus Wilder (deceased)