Voltan Oath of Nobility

Warrior: "(Lineage) I am _____, son of _____, grandson of the mighty _____ of whom many are the songs and stories! I have come from the fight where I alone slew five (number), furious in the fell play! From _____ to _____ my (weapon) is known, and in _____ and among the _____ they sing dirge-songs where I've slain their sons! Greater deeds than these shall I gain, garnering fame like grains of gold! In this war-band shall my weapon strike hard against the steel of armor, so all hear them sing their sad, dire song, if the guardian of the folk grants me the gift I ask, accepting my oath!"


Lord: A mighty man in armor are you, of proven bravery, bold in battle. Into my war-band will you come, to serve as warrior and counsel wise words?


Warrior: Aye!


Lord: (Calls for sword, which is kept in the sheath, hilt on the knee pointed toward the warrior with the length of the blade running along his leg, and the point passing between the right arm and the body. The buckle of the sword belt should rest upon the hilt, and the lord should grasp the hilt so that his arm lays on top of the sword along its length.) Speak then your oath!

Warrior: (The warrior shall kneel before the king and shall put his right hand under the hilt) I, _____, make this oath: that I shall be in the forefront of fierce battle, forging ahead with my lord and friend, coming to the war-call carrying my weapons; and when no battle causes the war-horn to blow, I shall not forget the ring-giver's generosity, but will offer wise counsel as I may. And though I had rather lay down my life than see harm come to my lord, still should the poisoned point or aged edge strike him down, then I shall not flee a single foot-length from the field, but rather shall advance into the enemy army, slaying as I might, to avenge the protector of the people. And by my honor, may this sword smite me upon which my hand rests, may my own edge twist and turn against me should I fail to keep this oath. (Leans forward and kisses the lord's hand or the sword hilt).


Lord: I have heard your oath, as have these witnesses. Hear you then my vow to you: with red gold shall I gift you, granting good gifts as you merit, round rings rolling from my hand to yours; among my retainers shall you sit in the hall, with sweet mead strong filling your stoup; if to the law-court you are called, in legal tangles twisted and tied, then I and all of my retainers and kin shall stand as witness if you should need this; and finally, my sword shall stand between you and your enemies, my strength and my war-band beside you boldly, for bare is brother-less back.  May all present witness my words, let me hold faithful, and may all here keep this oath in memory! (Lord stands and hands sword to assistant, who in its place gives him an arm-ring or necklace of heavy gold chain, or a sword or other worthy gift, which the Lord gives to his new warrior.)

Voltan Warrior Code

Through time the struggle to hold back the hordes of green skins and other creatures, the Voltans as a people have embraced certain ideals as a warrior’s code.  These ideals are held as common sense, and as such have never really been made into laws.


-Once you give your oath, let nothing break it.


-Never leave a comrade to die when you can aid them.


-Never run from a fight when others depend on you.


-There is no honor in defeating a foe much weaker than you.


-There is no honor in killing a helpless foe.


-Defend your lands and friends with all of your heart.


-Destroy evil when you find it, for it will always grow when ignored.


-Never kill without reason.


-Only through the forge of battle can you know yourself.



Good natured brawling is part of every day life in Volta. It is not uncommon for you to see two warriors arguing about spilled ale go outside to settle it, and then go right back into the Tavern and have the looser buy the winner an Ale. Spectators often place bets on who will be the winner.

As long as any damage is healed, and no personal property is destroyed, it’s considered simply two grown adults settling a difference. The intent is not to kill the other, but simply to give them a sound trouncing. The people involved rarely hold a grudge over the outcome.

It is very important to note that brawling is not the same as dueling. Dueling is an entirely different thing. A duel is usually the result of a matter of honor, and is a much more serious matter. Dueling is not very common.

Also note the difference between assault and brawling. Brawling is when two people decide to throw down mutually. If you just attack another person, you are guilty of assault.